Enforceable undertakings are written, legally binding agreements proposed by a company or person which are accepted by the Secretary, following an alleged contravention of the Act. The Secretary (or delegate) may accept an enforceable undertaking as an alternative to prosecution. Enforceable undertakings that are accepted will be published.

An enforceable undertaking is a commitment by a company or person to implement initiatives designed to deliver tangible benefits for the industry and broader community. The initiatives are intended to resolve both the behaviour of concern that has led to the alleged contravention and also rectify the consequences of the conduct.

For more information download the Enforceable undertakings guidelines PDF [PDF, 169.41 KB].

Name(s) of partiesDecisionEnforceable undertakingResourcesDate of decisionDate of completion
Namoi Valley Bricks Pty Ltd


(141KB PDF)


(414KB PDF)

 14 April 2019 
The Austral Brick Co Pty Ltd


(235KB PDF)


(412 KB PDF)

 24 September 2018 
Ridgelands Coal Resources Pty Ltd

Download (349 KB PDF)

Download (359 KB PDF)

 22 June 2018 
Tahmoor Coal Pty LtdDownload
(1.7 MB PDF)
(1.8 MB PDF)
 18 June 20181 April 2019
Wollongong Coal Limited and Wongawilli Coal Pty LtdDownload
(2.7 MB PDF)
(4.2 MB PDF)
 7 June 2018 
Boral Bricks Pty LtdDownload
(444 KB PDF)
(333 KB PDF)
 18 April 201820 August 2018
Ridgelands Coal Resources Pty LtdDownload
(453 KB PDF)
Proposal rejected 6 April 2018 
Boral LimitedDownload
(300 KB PDF)
(519 KB PDF)
 6 March 201817 December 2018
Bloomfield Collieries Pty LtdDownload
(290 KB PDF)
(334 KB PDF)
 23 Jun 201724 September 2018
Boral Bricks Pty LtdDownload PDF
(1.12 MB PDF)
Download PDF
(1.07 MB PDF)
 16 Nov 2016Varied 18 April 2018
WorleyParsons Services Pty LimitedDownload PDF (2.84 MB PDF)Download PDF
(4.27 MB PDF)
 5 Aug 2016 
KEPCO Bylong Australia Pty LimitedDownload PDF 
(2.97 MB PDF
Download PDF
(2.19 MB PDF)
 5 Aug 2016