The postponed exams calendar for 2020 is now being resumed with the dates provided on the briefing sessions and exam dates page. If you previously applied to sit for an exam, you will be notified of the next steps via email - there is no need to reapply. People wanting to apply should do so by the required dates.

To apply to be examined to obtain a certificate of competence and a practising certificate to practise in one or more statutory function, you will need to

  • complete an application form
  • provide evidence of your identity, age, qualifications and experience.

If you are able to satisfy these criteria, you may then be eligible to undertake the written and oral exams applicable to the certificate you are applying to obtain.

The examinations are designed to test each candidate's ability to perform the relevant statutory function in practise. This includes demonstrating:

  • knowledge of safe mining practises across a range of mining situations
  • the ability to apply that knowledge to practical situations
  • consideration of related capabilities, such as communication and other non-technical skills.

All certificate of competence candidates are expected to demonstrate knowledge and skills at the level expected for a person performing that statutory function.

Four steps to gaining your statutory function certificates

Step 1: Be informed and prepare

Subscribe to the Mine Safety News eNewsletter to keep informed during your exams, Read the Learning best practice guide - candidates PDF (PDF, 248.15 KB) and attend a briefing session. Briefing sessions are optional but are highly recommended. They generally run between one and three months prior to the closing date for examination applications.

Please register your interest to attend a briefing session at least one month prior to the briefing date so we can confirm we have sufficient numbers and an appropriate venue. Please register via our online facility.

Step 2: Pay for and complete your application

Check that you have the required evidence of holding the prerequisites needed for the statutory function you wish to perform.

Download the relevant guide and application form for the statutory position.

Check upcoming exam dates and submit an application before the closing date.

If you have previously applied, and been approved to sit an examination for a certificate of competence, or have previously deferred your first oral examination attempt, you do not need to complete the full form again. Instead complete the Re-examination form. DOCX, 106.47 KB

Make sure you attach certified copies of all evidence documents (for example, attach qualifications, emergency preparedness, units of competence and identification).

Fees are payable at the time of lodgement via a link within the application form. Details of payment must be recorded in your application form.

You must submit a complete application with all required details and documents that have been certified as a true copy. Incomplete applications will not be accepted but will be returned to you for completion. You must resubmit a complete application before the closing date (we will not separate corrected parts of your application or missing documents).

For further assistance refer to the Applications and Exam Resources page, which includes a sample completed practical experience page.

Step 3: Prepare for your exam

If your application for examination is successful, you will be invited via correspondence from the Resources Regulator to complete written and oral exams as applicable to the statutory function certificate you wish to hold.

You will need to be able to confidently answer questions in both the written (where applicable) and oral exams demonstrating your competence to perform the relevant statutory function.

Read past examination papers to familiarise yourself with the types of questions asked.

Read the examiners reports to find out how well questions were answered by past participants and what examiners were expecting in the answers.

Ask a friend or colleague to test you on the questions to help prepare for the oral examination.

Step 4: Sit for your examination

Complete both the written (where applicable) and oral exams on the dates and times advised.

Candidates must first sit for and pass all components of the written exam before progressing to the oral exam.

Plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for your exam. Check the details of where your examination is to be held, as venues differ from time to time. Examinations can be stressful, so arriving early will give you a bit of time to revise and mentally prepare yourself.

Make sure your details are up-to-date when sitting each exam as you will be notified of the results by registered post. To change your contact details, email

Replacing lost certificates

If you have lost your certificate of competence or practising certificate, you can apply for a replacements by filling in the replacement form DOCX, 77.92 KB

For further information
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