• Mine Safety

    How NSW Mine Safety provides the framework and direction for the industry to manage risks through consultation and safe systems

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  • Investigation Unit

    About the work of the unit and how it contributes to a better understanding and management of safety hazards and risks in mining operations

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  • Mine Safety Advisory Council

    An overview of the Council, who they are and what they do for the NSW mining industry

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  • Mining Competence Board

    Information on the function and members of the Board

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  • Mine Safety Technology Centre

    A list of the specialist technical services available at the centre and details of its research and training activities

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  • Mine safety levy

    Information on the Mine Safety Levy, how it is calculated and applied, and the important services it funds.

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  • Safety performance measures

    Details of how the program collects, validates, interprets and reports safety data through its Common Mines Environment (COMET) computer system and how this information benefits industry

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  • NSW mine safety reviews

    Download NSW mine safety reviews and associated documents

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  • Offices

    Locate a NSW Mine Safety office

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