The Division continues to implement progressive amendments to its titles operations in order to improve service delivery and customer experience.

Update to Application Forms

In early October nine title application forms were updated and improved. The form improvements will hopefully make it clearer what information is required in order for the Department to progress applications with minimal delays. Applications submitted on out-of-date forms may face delays due to the need to request further information.

The forms which have been updated are as follows:

  • AD1 – Appointment of arbitrator
  • AD2 – Full or partial transfer of an EL or AL
  • AD3 – Approval of a full or partial transfer of a Mining Lease
  • AD4 – Application to register the transfer or partial transfer of an authority
  • AD7 – Application to nominate an authority holder
  • AD9 – Application to register a new interest or amend or cancel an existing interest in an authority
  • ER01 – Application for an extension or exemption from reporting
  • ML1 – Application for a Mining Lease or Mining (Mining Owner) Mining Lease
  • ML8 – Application to renew a Mining Lease

All current application forms can be found at the Resources and Energy website:

Change to the information required to accompany an application for an Exploration Licence   

The Mining and Petroleum Legislation Amendment Act 2017 came into effect on 27 June 2017. As a result, should an application overlap any existing exploration licences, over any part of the area applied for, for the same group of minerals, written consent of all the conflicting exploration licence(s) holders is required. This must be submitted with the Exploration Licence application. Should this not be included in the application, the Division will require this to be provided within 48 hours of the application being submitted.  If the required information is not received within received within the required timeframe the application can be refused.

Notification of Proposed Decision for EL, AL and ML renewals

From 1 November 2017, a change will be implemented for the processing of Mineral EL, AL and ML renewals.  Where the renewal application is supported by the Department without any change to the term, shape, size of area and conditions; the application will proceed to be renewed without a Notice of Proposed Decision being issued.  This will result in the issue of the renewal instrument in an improved timeframe and remove the need for the applicant to respond to the Notice of Proposed Decision.