The Geoscientific Data Warehouse (GDW) website ( was retired on 31 July 2018 and superseded by the MinView system, an online web mapping application with vastly improved search and discovery functions for accessing NSW geoscientific data.

All datasets that were available in the GDW website have been included in MinView. In many cases a selection of filtered views has been created from the datasets to aid visualisation and interrogation of the data points. For example, the Mineral Occurrences can be viewed as the following layers:

  • Mineral occurrences by size
  • Metallic deposit classifications
  • Separated out by Groups (as defined under the Mining Act)
  • Construction materials
  • Operating mines
  • Current metallic resources
  • All mineral occurrences

The data can be queried by:

  1. Single click on the map
  2. Drawing an area on the map (spatial search)
  3. Entering search terms against a dataset field

To see the full list of features and data available, please go to MinView.

We encourage you to try MinView and explore the new ways to search and discover geoscientific data held by the Geological Survey of NSW. Extra guidance is available with the MinView User Guide. We will continue to provide the Google Earth kml file for those who like to explore our data in Google Earth. You do need to have installed Google Earth on your computer. Download the kml and open with Google Earth.

For further information
+61 (0)2 4063 6612
MinView, Geological Survey of New South Wales, PO Box 344, Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310
516 High Street Maitland NSW 2320 Map