• NSW geology phone maps

    GSNSW interactive geology maps have been upgraded and are now available to download using the Explorer for ArcGIS mobile application. Follow the quick installation steps to download the application and maps onto your mobile device.

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  • DIGS document database

    The Digital Imaging of Geological System (DIGS®) is an document database for exploration and geoscience information generated by both the industry and the department which allows the previewing and downloading of all non-confidential reports.

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  • MinView

    MinView allows users to interactively display and query exploration and mining titles and geoscience information for NSW in a interactive web map.

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  • Exploration & Environmental Reports Online Lodgement
    Exploration & Environmental Reports Online Lodgement (EROL) is an extension to the core DIGS® records archive system, enabling exploration title holders and operators to lodge reports via the internet.
  • Large File Exchange Service

    The Large File Exchange Service (LaFiX) allows the online submission of large files up to 11GB via the internet. It applies to the submission of geophysical survey data that is required as part of compulsory exploration reporting to the department as defined in the NSW exploration reporting guidelines.

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  • NSW renewable energy resources maps

    Renewable energy is energy obtained from natural resources that can be constantly replenished. The set of maps shows the sources of renewable energy in NSW – sunlight, wind, waves, biomass, water and heat from the Earth. All of these sources have been used by people for centuries to provide energy as heat or mechanical energy.

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  • ShopRegional

    ShopRegional is an online shop for all the geoscience products, including books, publications, maps and DVDs, published by Regional NSW. You can purchase the geoscience products online using the links provided by ShopRegional.

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