A drillcore imaging and spectroscopic scanning service is available to industry. It uses the CSIRO-developed HyLogger, which has special purpose automated core-logging technology. The Spectral Geologist (TSG) software generates digital images, surface profiles and mineralogical interpretations.

The HyLogger was provided to the Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) under the AuScope National Virtual Core Library (NVCL) project and is housed at the W B Clarke Geoscience Centre in Londonderry.

The HyLogger system acquires information on rock, ore and alteration minerals in drillcore, chips and pulps that are often difficult or impossible for the human eye to interpret correctly. Reflected light from the samples is broken into hundreds of different wavelengths by several spectrometers, allowing the recognition of unique spectral signatures for each mineral.

This technology is also used on cores from petroleum and carbon dioxide (CO2) geosequestration wells to obtain mineralogical data that may complement porosity and permeability studies.

X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence instruments are used for rapid characterisation of a wide range of geological materials and for validating HyLogger data.

The GSNSW offers a number of HyLogger scanning services to industry and academia. Each service requires a level of investment by the client and offers different periods of confidentiality.

HyLogger datasets uploaded to AuScope and AusGIN

The table below shows the HyLogger datasets uploaded to AuScope and AusGIN online portals since August 2019. These datasets and summary results are available for free download from these portals.

Dataset No. GSNSW Drill ID Hole NameProgram Upload Date
371 MIN_009660 DDHK6 Kiri Grid 11/09/2019
372 MIN_009663 DDHK8 Kiri Grid 11/09/2019
373 MIN_016972 DD92BUR1 Burri-Cnw1 11/09/2019
374 MIN_063150 BYRC005 Alectown 11/09/2019
375 MIN_012395 DD93FT1 Furneys tank 11/09/2019
376 MIN_235148 HRDD003 Restdown 18/09/2019
377 MIN_235147 HRDD002 Restdown 18/09/2019
378 MIN_230582 CORC033 Collerina 18/09/2019
379 MIN_236276 HRDD006 Restdown 18/09/2019
380 MIN_230563 CODD002 Collerina 18/09/2019
381 MIN_236275 HRDD005 Restdown 18/09/2019
382 MIN_063148 BYRC001 Alectown 18/09/2019
383 MIN_063149 BYRC002 Alectown 18/09/2019
384 MIN_063152 BYRC007 Alectown 18/09/2019
385 MIN_063153 BYRC008 Alectown 18/09/2019
386 MIN_063154 BYRC009 Alectown 18/09/2019
387 MIN_063155 BYRC010 Alectown 18/09/2019
388 MIN_134161 GRRC001 Alectown 18/09/2019
389 MIN_145289 GRRC002 Alectown 18/09/2019
390 MIN_134132 MDRC001 Alectown 18/09/2019
391 MIN_134133 MDRC002 Alectown 18/09/2019
392 MIN_305245 HRRC101 Restdown 18/09/2019
393 MIN_063151 BYRC006 Alectown 25/09/2019
394 MIN_008262 RD-2 Mount Drysdale 25/09/2019
395 MIN_008261 RD-1 Mount Drysdale 25/09/2019
396 MIN_016107 DD87TI1 Tindary - Yanda Creek 25/09/2019
397 MIN_008217 MR2 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 23/10/2019
398 MIN_008219 MR4 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 23/10/2019
399 MIN_008220 MR5 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 23/10/2019
400 MIN_008224 MR9 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 30/10/2019
401 MIN_016552 DD91AR2 CNW3 - Arrawa 30/10/2019
402 MIN_153463 RMPDD066 Moorilda 6/11/2019
403 MIN_242733 LMPDD214 Moorilda - EL5760 6/11/2019
404 MIN_232647 LMPDD139 McPhillamys 6/11/2019
405 MIN_232635 LMPDD127 McPhillamys 6/11/2019
406 MIN_250465 DRDD002 Discovery Ridge 6/11/2019
407 MIN_250466 DRDD003 Discovery Ridge 6/11/2019
408 MIN_255727 DRDD011 Discovery Ridge 6/11/2019
409 MIN_255728 DRDD012 Blayney 6/11/2019
410 MIN_255729 DRDD013 Blayney 6/11/2019
411 MIN_250485 DRRCD006 Discovery Ridge 6/11/2019
412 MIN_008225 MR10 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 6/11/2019
413 MIN_008226 MR11 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 6/11/2019
414 MIN_008228 MR13 McMahons Reef Grid - Harden 6/11/2019
415 MIN_242724 LMPDD205 Moorilda - EL5760 6/11/2019
416 MIN_242737 LMPDD218 Moorilda - EL5760 6/11/2019
417 MIN_019098 DD96CH001 Currowong Hills 13/11/2019
418 MIN_027728 DD82T10 Kara - Tangoa 13/11/2019
419 MIN_305246 MURC004 Mundarlo 13/11/2019
420 MIN_006745 DDHBDB-5 Magnetic Anomaly P47 20/11/2019
421 MIN_006747 DDHBDB-7 Ground Magnetic-Old Grid 20/11/2019
422 MIN_019099 DD96CH002 Currowong Hills 20/11/2019
423 MIN_069099 DD04CH027A Central Area - Cobar 20/11/2019
Total drillholes uploaded 53

Commercial service

The commercial service allows for generated data to remain confidential. Contact us to discuss charges and scanning timeframes.

Collaborative service

A special collaborative scanning service is offered to clients who only require a short period of confidentiality (up to 6 months). Under this arrangement, HyLogger data and any associated logs such as assays, magnetic susceptibility and geology logs provided by the client are uploaded to the AuScope Discovery portal at the end of the confidentiality period. Academic institutions and government agencies are charged the collaborative rate provided that the results are used for non-commercial purposes.

National Virtual Core Library service

Proposals for HyLogging™ of core already stored at the W B Clarke Geoscience Centre, Londonderry can be submitted for consideration. No period of confidentiality exists for this NVCL service. Consequently, the data is uploaded to the AuScope Discovery portal immediately after scanning and processing.

A company needs to provide a comprehensive rationale for HyLogging of specific cores. To ensure that this service is fairly shared only two holes, each up to 250m long, can be proposed by each company. Proposals are assessed by a committee of GSNSW geologists who determine the HyLogger scanning priorities.

Drillcore segments and rock samples

Individual core segments and rock samples can be submitted for HyLogger scanning. These are normally laid into core trays prior to scanning. There is a premium rate for the scanning of individual pieces of drillcore and rock samples. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Reverse circulation chips

HyLogging of reverse circulation (RC) chips is done by a number of analytical laboratories and service companies throughout Australia. The HyLogging of chip trays is not routinely done by the GSNSW unless it falls within a specific GSNSW project.


All services provide simple user-TSA (The Spectral Assistant) interpretation and TSG (The Spectral Geologist) generated plots and outputs.

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