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Bulloo Overflow Prospectivity Review. V1DP004 C149 $22.00
Dimension Stone In NSW: A natural stone that is cut to specific dimensions largely for use in the building, construction and monumental industries. In NSW, the main groups of dimension stone are sandstone, granite, marble and slate. Basic data on all known dimension stone resources in NSW are documented, and selected resources are examined in detail. Quarrying and processing, quality and specifications, and the history and present structure of the industry are also discussed. B639 $33.00
Effects Of Land Use On Coal Resources: Although NSW has very large resources of coal, about half of the coal is already affected by other land uses, particularly National Parks and prime agricultural land, furthermore, much of the remaining coal resource is of less than economic quality. B610 $33.00
Field Geology Of NSW 2000: Incorporates major advances in geological thinking based on recent detailed geological and geophysical mapping. Updated and expanded edition. B467 $38.50
First Gold Ophir, NSW A History of Australia's First Goldfield by Robert Bartlett. B600 $43.95
Future Prospects For Opal Mining In The Lightning Ridge Region. B501 $11.00
Geochemistry Of Gossan Samples: Collected on the Cobar-Nyngan 1:250000 sheets. View N/A
Geological Hazards, The Impact On Coal Mining: Geological Hazards is the third symposia organised by the Coalfield Geology Council of NSW concerned with the interaction between the science of geology and coal mining. This symposium emphasises the management and identification of geological hazards. B508 $55.00
Geology In Longwall Mining: The proceedings of this symposium, hosted by the Coalfield Geology Council of NSW, provides valuable information on the role of geology in ensuring economic and productive longwall mining. B601 $66.00
Gemstones In Australia: A review of the industry and the first national assessment of gemstone resources. B604 $11.00
Layers Of Time, The Blue Mountains And Their Geology: The story of how the mountains formed, with commentaries on 36 places of scenic and geological interest. B472 Free
Mineral Sand Resource Potential Of The Murray Basin GS99/038: The Murray Basin, in south-eastern Australia, is proving to be a major mineral sand province. The discoveries being made are opportune because of the depletion of the available mineral sand resources on Australia's east coast. B590 $27.50
Murray Basin Mineral Sands Conference 1999, Extended Abstracts: Australian Institute of Geoscientists Bulletin No. 26, 1999. Abstracts from the conference, held in Mildura, Victoria, 21-23 April 1999. B598 $38.50
Natural Zeolites In NSW, An Information Package For Exploration And Development In NSW: There are over 45 distinct natural zeolite species and chemists have synthesised more than 150 others. Natural zeolite minerals have been used in various agricultural and industrial applications. Major uses of zeolites are as an additive to animal feeds and certain soils, for adsorption and odour control, in water treatment and pollution control, and for desiccant and anticaking uses. High purity zeolite materials have been used in solar energy in solar heat storage and in gas separation and catalysis. B612 $15.40
NSW Coal Industry Profile 2010: The publication New South Wales Coal Industry Profile 2010, incorporating Coal Services Pty Ltd Statistical Supplement 2008-09, is a comprehensive reference publication on the NSW coal industry. B745 $70.00
NSW Minerals Industry Annual 2012: The publication, 2012 New South Wales Minerals Industry Annual, includes an overview of the New South Wales minerals industry, the status of major mines and mineral commodities produced in NSW and major new projects, mine dossiers that provide extensive details on major existing and proposed mines, and reference information, including government and industry organisations. B926 $57.00
Palynostratigraphy Early-Mid Cretacous. B594 $11.55
Potential Cu-Au System Broken Hill Block. V1DP0041 C147 $22.00
Strategic Study Of NSW Southern & Western Coalfields: Encapsulates the current situation to the coal and related industries in the Southern and Western New South Wales Coalfields and identify issues which will need to be addressed in order to ensure optimum economic benefit is obtained from the environmentally responsible development of the coal resources within these areas. B563 $22.00
The Cobar Mineral Field, A 1996 Perspective: Covers the history of mining in the Field and aspects of exploration geology, geochemistry and geophysics, mine geology, mining operations and metallurgical processes. B611 $77.00
The Geological Evolution Of NSW, A Brief Review: This booklet gives a summary of the geological evolution of New South Wales based on plate tectonics, and includes an overview of plate tectonic processes. B471 $11.00
The Maison Dieu Coal Programme For Land Use Planning GS Report 1988/219 B596 $99.00