The Bulletin series of publications covers significant aspects of the work of the Geological Survey of NSW.

Scanned copies of the Bulletin series can be downloaded from DIGS®. Please note that recent Bulletins are not available in DIGS®. Recent Bulletins and a selection of earlier Bulletins can be ordered and purchased.


Series Title Year Price
Bulletin 01 Tin 1922 N/A
Bulletin 02 Silver, Lead, Zinc 1923 N/A
Bulletin 03 Copper 1923 N/A
Bulletin 04 Iron 1923 N/A
Bulletin 05 Antimony, Arsenic, Bismuth, Molybdenum, Tungsten 1924 N/A
Bulletin 06 The Coal Resources of NSW 1925 N/A
Bulletin 07 Gold 1924 N/A
Bulletin 08 Aluminium (Alunite and Bauxite) 1924 N/A
Bulletin 09 Limestone, Dolomite, Lime and Hydraulic Cement 1925 N/A
Bulletin 10 Silica 1924 N/A
Bulletin 11 Cadmium and Mercury, or 'Quicksilver' 1924 N/A
Bulletin 12 Coke 1924 N/A
Bulletin 13 Chromium, cobalt, nickel, zirconium, titanium, thorium, cerium 1925 N/A
Bulletin 14 Asbestos, emery, fluorspar, fullers earth, graphite, phosphates, talc and soapstone 1924 N/A
Bulletin 15 Diatomite, Siliceous Earths and Sands 1924 N/A
Bulletin 16 Barytes, Ochres, and Oxides 1925 N/A
Bulletin 17 Reconnaissance geological survey, Ulladulla 1-mile military sheet, and southern part of Tianjara 1-mile military sheet 1962 N/A
Bulletin 18 The Botany Basin 1963 N/A
Bulletin 19 A preview of groundwater in the Murray Basin, NSW 1972 N/A
Bulletin 20 Geology of the Western Blue Mountains 1972 N/A
Bulletin 21 Mining History of the Silver, Lead, Zinc and Copper Mines of the Broken Hill District to 1939, Excluding the Main Line of Lode. 1972 N/A
Bulletin 22 Geology and Coal Resources of the Southern Catchment Coal Reserve, Southern Sydney Basin, NSW 1972 N/A
Bulletin 23 Mining History of the Tumbarumba Gold Field 1972 N/A
Bulletin 24 Mining History of Gold Deposits of the far South Coast, NSW 1974 N/A
Bulletin 25 The Geology and Resource Potential of the Wianamatta Group 1979 $11.00
Bulletin 26 A Guide to the Sydney Basin 1980 N/A
Bulletin 27 Eustasy in the Australian Early and Middle Cretaceous 1980 $11.00
Bulletin 28 Non-Metallic and Tin Deposits, Broken Hill District 1982 $19.80
Bulletin 29 The Silurian System in NSW 1982 $15.95
Bulletin 30 A Review of Industrial Minerals and Rocks, NSW 1982 N/A
Bulletin 31 Contributions to the geology of the Great Australian Basin, NSW 1984 $11.00
Bulletin 32-(1,2) Metallogenic studies of the Broken Hill and Euriowie Blocks 1988 $16.50
Bulletin 32-(3) Metallogenic Studies of the Broken Hill and Euriowie Blocks, NSW, Mineral Deposits of the South Eastern Broken Hill Block 1994 $27.50
Bulletin 32-(4) Metallogenic Studies of the Broken Hill and Euriowie Blocks, NSW, 4 Mineral Deposits of the Euriowie Block (northernmost Broken Hill Block and Poolamacca Inlier) 1999 $38.50
Bulletin 32-(5) Metallogenic Studies of the Broken Hill and Euriowie Blocks, NSW, Mineral Deposits of the Northern Broken Hill Block 2003 $66.00
Bulletin 33 Industrial mineral opportunities, NSW 2007 $44.00
Bulletin 34 Coastal Quaternary geology, north and south coast of NSW 2008 $33.00
Bulletin 35 Explanatory notes for the Koonenberry Belt geological maps 2010 $150.00


Series Title Year Price
Bulletin 1 NSW Petroleum Potential 1995 $99.00