The department manages the storage, quality assurance and accessibility of geoscience information for exploration industry, other government departments and the public. It also collaborates with other national government geoscience information agencies to foster increased interoperability of information.

  • Maps

    A range of maps presents various aspects of the geology of NSW. Maps are available at differing scales in hardcopy, as images or as GIS layers.

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  • Geophysical images and data

    Geophysical data for NSW is available as digital data or images that can be downloaded from the web, or mailed to you on a hard drive or as hard copy maps. Geophysical images can also be viewed through the Geoscientific Data Warehouse.

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  • 3D geological mapping data

    Data for the 3D geological mapping integrates existing geoscientific datasets comprising seamless geological maps, structural measurements, geophysical imagery and drillholes.

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  • GIS web services

    GIS web services provide direct access to data and its visualization (e.g. Web Map Services and Web Feature Services).

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  • Books and brochures

    Historical to recent books, brochures and miscellaneous reports which document the geoscientific work of the department are listed below.

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  • Geoscience data resources

    Geoscience data resources include data compilations on disc for specific regions of NSW.

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  • Research & technical reports

    Technical reports showcase topical data and information generated by the exploration, research and mapping activities of the Geological Survey of NSW and Coal and Petroleum Geoscience.

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  • Company exploration reports

    Company exploration reports and data files that are submitted to the department are stored in the DIGS system. Reports include mineral, coal and petroleum exploration company reports and environmental reports. Non-confidential reports are available for download.

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  • Field excursion guides

    Field excursion guides are often products of conferences. They provide a tour and stop by stop descriptions of geological sites.

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  • Factsheets

    The department publishes a range of historical factsheets.

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  • Presentations

    Presentations are video clips and powerpoint presentations of talks at conferences.

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