Map showing major NSW sedimentary basinsOver 60% of New South Wales is covered by sedimentary basins. In the east is the coal-rich Permian-Triassic Sydney-Gunnedah-Bowen Basin system. It is overlain by the gas-prospective Jurassic-Cretaceous Great Australian Basin, comprising the Clarence-Moreton Basin, Surat Basin and Eromanga Basin. To the west, the largely Devonian gas-prospective Darling Basin is overlain by the Great Australian Basin and the Cenozoic Murray Basin. Older infra-basins, such as the Oaklands Basin, Gilgandra Sub-Basin and Paka Tank Trough are prospective for coal and gas.

Click on the image at right for the locations of the major sedimentary basins in NSW, overlain with existing gas pipelines.

The detailed geology of major sedimentary basins in NSW can be accessed on the following pages.

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