Geophysics is the study of the physical characteristics of surface and buried rocks, such as their magnetic properties, electrical conductivity, density and natural radioactivity.

The Geological Survey of NSW (GSNSW) conducts geophysical surveys and archives the data. Open file geophysical survey data from exploration companies are also archived for public access following title relinquishment.

GSNSW geophysicists use this data to provide information about geology at depth in the Earth's crust and help to define areas of mineral or energy resource potential. They use the information provided by field geologists to produce geophysical-geological map interpretations and to build 3D models of crustal geology. Geophysical data are also used with outcrop maps to validate geological cross-sections.

GSNSW conducts a range of geophysical surveys.

  • Regional airborne geophysical surveys acquire both total magnetic intensity data and radiometric data. They assist geological mapping interpretation particularly in areas covered by soil, alluvium, or younger rocks.
  • Gravity surveys can be ground-based or airborne and help define areas of mineral potential.
  • Seismic surveys support the study of the stratigraphy and structure of sedimentary basins.
  • Special purpose survey programs acquired FALCON™ Airborne Gravity Gradiometer data and HyMap™ airborne hyperspectral imaging data in the Broken Hill region.
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