Mine cancellation a first for NSW

Published: 5th June 2017

In a first for NSW, a mining lease for a dimension stone mine in the state’s north has been cancelled by the Department of Planning and Environment due to ongoing compliance issues.


Paying your account after the transition to the Department of Planning and Environment

Published: 31st March 2017

As a result of the transition of the Division of Resources and Energy to the Department of Planning and Environment, title holders should note new banking and invoicing details as of 1 April 2017.


Division of Resources and Energy Update

Published: 2nd December 2016

New assessment process for financial capability and corporate compliance; Revised rehabilitation completion and cost estimate forms; and more.


Miners & Explorers Update

Published: 31st October 2016

Topics in this edition of Miners & Explorers update include: Backlog processing of applications; Statistical returns for quarries; Work program template; & Online services.


Latest quarterly Service Delivery Standards report now available

Published: 14th October 2016

The Division of Resources and Energy Quarterly Performance Report 1 July to 30 September 2016 is now available on our website.


Changes to requirements for lodging a RCE with applications for CEA

Published: 30th September 2016

Changes have been made to the requirements for lodging a Rehabilitation Cost Estimate with applications for Common Exploration Activities.


Updated ESG4 guideline for Exploration licence holders

Published: 31st August 2016

Following extensive consultation with industry representatives, the department has released an updated version of ESG4: Guideline for the Preparing an Environmental and Rehabilitation Compliance Report for Exploration.


Remake of the Mining Regulation, Petroleum (Onshore) Regulation and Petroleum (Offshore) Regulation

Published: 12th August 2016

The Mining Regulation 2016, Petroleum (Onshore) Regulation 2016 and Petroleum (Offshore) Regulation 2016 commenced on 12 August 2016.


Updates to forms and recent additions to DRE website

Published: 29th July 2016

We are aware that some users have experienced issues downloading and using the Mineral Prospecting Title Work Program Form in its current format. Read on for some suggestions.


Updated forms and Statement of financial capability

Published: 30th June 2016

In response to Industry feedback we have improved the functionality of the Statement of financial capability guideline and template. This month we updated administrative forms related to the Mining Act 1992 and Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991.