To ensure industry input into the development of the Titles Management System (TMS), Mining, Exploration and Geoscience has undertaken, or is undertaking, a variety of consultation and engagement initiatives. These include:

TMS industry engagement for Phase Three

In preparation for the release of Phase Three of TMS in December, a series of early engagement sessions with representative stakeholders will be conducted from July to September 2020.

The purpose of these discussions is to help the project team focus and prioritise the functionality to be developed for the Phase 3 release. They will also highlight the outcomes of the previous engagement activities leading up to the launch of Phase 2 in June including the Virtual Roadshow sessions, Industry Pulse Check Survey and Industry User Testing.

TMS industry testing for Phase Two

Thank you to those that nominated to participate in our industry testing prior to the release of Phase Two of the system in June. A total of 12 industry participants took part.

Participants were able to test the new functionality in Phase Two and provide their feedback via an online form. The feedback received was generally positive, with some new TMS noting how easy the system was to use and navigate.

These testing sessions were followed by a quick debrief with each participant to clarify their feedback. Upon collating and reviewing all feedback, the TMS team was able to action some immediate changes to the system, with all other feedback taken onboard for future improvements and refinements to the user interface.

Broadly, the feedback from the testing can be summarised as:

Functional theme Observations Response and outcomes
Dashboard: case-tracking Would like to see more granularity and visibility regarding an application’s status As part of the launch of Phase Two of the system, six new status categories were made available to industry. Further granularity over those stages are currently under review and may form part of future releases.
Application details 1. The technical manager identification process is not ideal, especially if the person is not registered on TMS.
2. Only two Group Types can be selected.
1. Alternative interim solutions are being considered to accommodate the selection of a technical manager that is not registered in TMS. This may include the introduction of a form confirming the person’s consent to use their details in TMS.
2. The Group Types are dependent on the dealing type applied for and this is not fully set up in TMS yet. In the meantime, you can treat this as optional, and the application can still proceed if you skip this section.
User interface and experience

1.The application area input could be more seamless.
2. The file name character limit is only 50. Would like that to be expanded.

1. Spatial usability is being explored to see if any improvements can be made for future releases.
2. This cannot be addressed at present, as the 50-character limit is a limitation of the Pega platform being used to develop the system.
Ease of uploading documents

The uploading of multiple documents in the same category is not possible (e.g. multiple compliance history documents attached to a single application).

The TMS team put in place a temporary workaround. Users were able to upload multiple documents using the ‘Other Documents’ type from the drop-down menu. This issue was addressed and resolved in the d in an intermediate release Phase 2.1.
Profile management

Unable to amend user profile

This functionality was not active at the time of the industry user testing but was made available as part of the Phase 2 release, allowing for updates to be made to street addresses and contact details. To change usernames or email contact the TMS team directly.
Justification information for renewals

The 1,000-character limit was inadequate for the renewal justification component of coal renewal applications

This item was addressed in the interim Phase 2.1 release, with the character limit increased to 4,000.

TMS Pulse Check Survey

The wider industry was also invited to respond to a TMS pulse check survey released in April 2020. 53 responses were received, with encouraging results suggesting most participants found the system quite intuitive and easy to use.

Respondents highlighted the importance of greater visibility over the progress of pending applications and enhanced dashboard functionality to allow greater visibility of reports, renewals, conditions and payments as being potential improvements to the system.

The TMS team is working to incorporate this feedback into future releases.

The full findings of the survey are summarised below:

Functional theme Observations

Intuitiveness and ease of use

  • More than half the responders indicated the system was intuitive and easy to use.
  • One response suggested the unit-block map selection could be made more intuitive.
  • One response suggested the native title section could be made easier to use.


Sample of comments coming out of the survey:

  • “Our group deals with mineral exploration nationally and internationally and the NSW system is substantially the most user friendly and powerful system I use.”
  • “The platform is user-friendly and easier to process an application or renewal.”
  • “99% of the system was fantastic and easy to use.”

Ease of submitting applications

More than half the responders indicated submitting applications was easy or very easy

Usefulness of the dashboard

80 per cent of responders indicated the dashboard was useful and only one responder indicated it was not useful

Overall satisfaction with the system

50 per cent of responders indicated they were satisfied or very satisfied with the system and only one responder indicated they were dissatisfied or very dissatisfied. That said, the TMS team acknowledges there is more room for improvement in future releases.

Functional priorities to be built in the system

Responders identified these features as being most important:

  • Visibility over progress for pending applications.
  • A dashboard with further visibility over authorities (e.g. when reports are due or have been lodged, renewal due dates, conditions and historical dealing information).

Features industry would like to see added

Suggestions received include:

  • an alert system for lease expiry to interested parties
  • automatic notifications of Renewal and Compliance Requirements
  • real-time viewing. When an application is submitted it needs to go on TMS that day (including offline lodgements)
  • detailed tracking and (publicly accessible) reporting functionality to enable industry to generate reports on processing performance
  • email confirmation of lodgement with a copy of the lodgement attached
  • email reminder/schedule when rents are due.

Awareness of TMS and benefits over existing systems

Results indicated there was a lack of Industry awareness of the system and its benefits. Further engagement will be undertaken to inform our customers of TMS, its key functions and benefits and its advantages over alternate forms of submitting applications.

As part of this Pulse Check survey, we also asked for feedback on MEG’s overall levels of customer service. We appreciate the time and effort taken to provide feedback and the candidness of the responses. MEG will be undertaking further initiatives to strengthen and improve our levels of customer service and engagement.

Virtual Roadshow

In April 2020, the TMS team conducted a virtual roadshow comprising ten separate engagement sessions with agents and holders from the coal and minerals sectors. These sessions included targeted feedback on existing system functionality as part of Phase 1, a demonstration of Phase 2 functionality and discussions on key functional priorities for future releases of the system.

The feedback received from the sessions is summarised below:

Functionality theme Details discussed Response and outcomes

Access to previous docs lodged

E.g. Work Programs or Renewal Justification Statements (RJS)

As part of Phase 2, customers can view all previously ‘Completed’ applications and their supporting documentation. As more applications are submitted, the system will build its repository of data and documents.

Ability to toggle back and forth between application stages

Useful for non-linear upload of information if you don’t have all the information ready and can build an application progressively as a draft in the system

Due to the way information is organised and captured in the portal (i.e. your responses determine what is subsequently displayed), you must complete screens before you can toggle back to an earlier section.

Reminder notifications for renewals, reports and payments, etc

Current email notification sent when:

  • an application is lodged
  • a Stop-the-clock is started or stopped.

This is now available for all portal lodgements.

Not having to deal with multiple systems and logins

Dealing with multiple system logins when dealing with a single application.

This is currently under review and the proposed decommissioning of legacy systems (e.g. EROL) will reduce the multiplicity and provide a single point of entry for industry.

The Resources Customer Portal (RCP), the alternative online lodgement portal was decommissioned, making the TMS the only way to lodge an application online.

Profile management capability

  • Currently everyone treated as an individual in TMS.
  • Each organisation would benefit from having to have ‘super users’ with admin rights for sub-groups (access and visibility).
  • This would be based on each organisation’s organisational structure and governance arrangements regarding approvals and senior manager sign off, etc.

These are currently being explored, with early engagement taking place in August for some enhancements to be implemented in the next Phase 3 release.

Ability to set priority of work

  • For example, if the user has 40 pending applications – they could seek to prioritise their top six
  • This would mitigate need for regular meetings to discuss priority pending matters and urgency

Under investigation for future releases.

Nomination of ‘Technical Managers’ – mandatory

  • Build profile for technical managers with CVs and docs, as these may change during title

A solution to allow for nomination of parties who may not be registered in TMS will be rolled out in an interim Phase 2.1 upgrade.

TMS industry webinar for Phase One

To ensure the system was fit-for-purpose prior to the launch of Phase One in December 2019, MEG held an industry webinar to gain feedback on key features being considered in the development of the portal. MEG would like to thank the webinar participants for taking part. Valuable insights were gained to help us improve the portal.

Prior to the system’s launch, MEG sent out a letter to all applicants and authority holders in TAS, advising the commencement of TMS and requesting validation of their contact details.

Your ongoing feedback

We are committed to improving our services and keeping the engagement going. We welcome your feedback and suggestions based on your experience with TMS.

You can provide feedback by emailing us at