As a key deliverable of the NSW Minerals Strategy, the NSW Government delivered the first phase of a fit-for-purpose platform for industry in December 2019 to support the end-to-end management of exploration and mining titles with increased transparency and accountability.

The third phase of the Titles Management System (TMS), launched on 14 December 2020, and subsequent interim Phase 3.1 launched on 8 March, delivered additional functionality for convenient, online access to services provided by Mining, Exploration and Geoscience (MEG), formerly the Division of Resources and Geoscience. When fully deployed, users will be able to initiate, save, submit and pay for all applications required under the Mining Act 1992 and the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991.

The portal supports new and existing authority holders and can be used by agents and the wider community.

TMS has replaced the Resources Customer Portal (RCP), which was decommissioned shortly after Phase 2 was launched in June 2020.

To ensure industry input into the development of the TMS, MEG continues to undertake a variety of consultation and engagement initiatives. To find out more about these activities visit the TMS Engagement Hub.

TMS Phase 3

The latest functionality available as part of the third phase deployment allows users to lodge additional types of applications required by the Mining Act 1992 and Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991, namely:

  • transfer approval
  • part transfer approval
  • register, vary, cancel a legal or equitable interest
  • suspension of mining operations or conditions
  • register, vary, renew, deregister a sub-lease
  • cancellation
  • part cancellation.

Note: Registration of transfer and part transfer must still be lodged via paper form.

This expands on the functionality delivered in previous phases that included lodgement of applications for the grant and renewal of coal and mineral authorities including:

  • exploration licences
  • assessment leases
  • mining leases.


Additional features delivered in Phase 3 and interim Phase 3.1 include:

  • Dashboard enhancements that include more user-friendly information to track the status of applications lodged online via TMS (list and graphic form)
  • Ability to pay the first year’s rent levy and security
  • Display of actions required by the user in a dedicated section of their dashboard
  • Ability of users to view recent worked on items
  • Ability of users to manage a company profile which would benefit users who belong to larger organisations that manage a portfolio of authorities and applications, especially with multiple staff accessing information on the status of applications
  • Ability for users to associate with one or more companies
  • Ability for a company to be affiliated with a subsidiary or parent company
  • Ability to reassign draft applications to another associated TMS user
  • Ability for offline applications (once entered manually into TMS by the Department’s Titles and Customer Operations team) to have full case tracking visibility

These features from previous phases also remain:

  • Ability to save applications as a draft for completion later
  • Geospatial selection of application areas
  • Automatic population of contact details
  • Attachment of documents to draft and lodged applications
  • Secure payment of application fees by credit card
  • Ability to generate a PDF of the application data.

Accessing TMS

Go to the new Titles Management System.

Future additions to TMS

Additional functionality and services will be added to TMS in future deployments including:

  • Notification of key dates (e.g. annual report due dates)
  • Automated correspondence
  • Streamlined report lodgement.

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Support using TMS

To assist users to create a TMS account, navigate their way around the system and submit applications, several support tools have been developed.


View the Titles Management System User Guide

View the Titles Management System user guide – applicant response

View the Titles Management System Frequently Asked Questions

View an Information sheet (preface) on applying for an exploration licence, assessment lease or mining lease

View an Information sheet (preface) on applying to renew an exploration licence, assessment or mining lease

View an Information sheet (preface) for other dealing types

View the new Technical Manager form - fillable pdf

View the new Technical Manager form - fillable Word document

Help text is also embedded into the system to assist users to manage their account and lodge applications.

TMS Technical Support

If you have any technical enquiries concerning the portal (e.g. difficulties uploading an attachment or access issues), please contact us at

General Application Support

If you have any general enquiries concerning the authority application process (e.g. the information required to support an application), please contact