The Resources Customer Portal provides convenient, online access to services offered by the Division of Resources and Geoscience. Users are able to initiate, save, manage, submit and pay for a title application from a single online location. The portal can be used by new and existing title holders and their agents.

New features and services will be included over time to ultimately improve visibility of how your applications are managed between your organisation and the Department, and help provide a better end-to-end customer experience.

The following services are currently available via the portal:

  • Application for an exploration licence (EL1).
  • Application to renew an exploration licence (EL5).
  • Notice to withdraw an application or objection (AD13).

Upon launch of the portal, you will no longer be able to submit applications for an exploration licence via MinView.

Features of the Resources Customer Portal

  • An online titles dashboard is available for title holders and agents to manage the progress of their application.
  • Simplified forms have been developed to guide the user through the application with tips and information that is relevant to their application.
  • Geospatial functionality has been integrated into the portal to allow the user to visually select the areas that they wish to apply for.
  • Forms can pre-fill user details if the user has already submitted an application through the portal.
  • Agents can apply on behalf of title holders to manage and complete applications.
  • The payment methods supported by the portal include credit card, direct deposit, cheque and cash.

Additional functionality and services will be made available to the portal by the Department over time.

Supporting Documentation

The following supporting documentation is available to help first-time users of the portal:

Contextual tool tips have been added throughout the portal and the online forms to provide you with assistance as you undertake the application process.

The Department is focused on improving our services, so we welcome your feedback and suggestions based on your experience with the portal. You can submit your feedback via our online feedback form.

For Further Information

RCP Technical Support

If you have any technical enquiries concerning the portal (e.g. difficulties uploading an attachment or access issues), please contact

Titles Application Support

If you have any general enquiries concerning the titles application process (e.g. the information required to support an application), please contact