• About coal and mineral titles

    Schedules of minerals and groups of minerals, and information about the types of authorities, mining leases, application lodgement, decision making process and standard conditions

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  • About petroleum titles

    Types of petroleum titles (PSPAs, PELs, PALs, PPLs), application lodgement and decision-making process

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  • Project approvals

    About the Assessment Coordination Unit, Major mining project Development Assessment and Approval Process, and the Conceptual Project Development Plan for mining projects

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  • Survey and drafting directions

    Surveying directions relating to coal mines and metalliferous and extractive industries

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  • Native Title

    Information on Native Title and how it relates to exploration and mining, and proof of extinguishment of Native Title

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  • Mining for privately owned minerals

    Information on mining or prospecting for privately owned minerals, application forms and frequently asked questions

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  • Fossicking in NSW

    Tips and links for fossickers and landholders, and landholder indemnity

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  • Rehabilitation security deposits

    Security deposits must cover the ​government’s full costs in undertaking rehabilitation in the event of default by the titleholder.

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