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DRG News September 2018: International award for innovation won by NSW Government funded project; Geological Survey of NSW engaging the community with science; Findings of Woodsreef Mine Air Quality and Health Risk Assessment Project released; New data available on sulfur and lead isotopes in central NSW; Sydney-Gunnedah 3D Model released; Discover our resources with new exploration insights

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DRG News May 2018: NSW supports mining jobs for the future; New environmental mapping tool for miners and explorers; Improved industry guidelines for minerals explorers; New features available in MinView; Titles Quarterly Report (1 January to 31 March) released; South-East Lachlan Crustal Transect (SELCT) seismic survey data collected; Become a field geologist for a day; Improved geological data available for Bancannia Trough

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DRG News February 2018: Track Rehab Progress with the Upcoming GIS Portal; Driving best-practice outcomes for mine site rehabilitation; Coonabarabran Project Geophysical Data; Quarter 4 Titles Performance Report Now Available; Mining Industry Snapshot; Minister’s Award for Division Staff; Supporting Women in STEM; Opals: Communal Mullock Stockpile Visit; Legacy Mines Mapping with Drones.

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DRG News October 2017: Rehabilitation Mapping GIS Portal Project; New Rehabilitation Cost Estimate (RCE) tool; Monthly Infographic Snapshot; Title Services Quarterly Performance Report released; Now in effect: the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016; Process Changes to Titles Operations.

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DRG News June 2017: Ancillary mining activities and other updates to the Mining Act 1992 and Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991; Everything you need to know about rehabilitation reform; Suspension of conditions or operations under the Mining Act; ABS statistics show exploration recovery for NSW; Central NSW set to become the 'scandium belt; New 3D model shows mineral explorers how deep to drill; NSW Minerals Week 2017: Highlights.

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