11th December 2019

The biggest-ever evolution of the NSW mining titles system is now underway, with the NSW Government today launching phase one of its new Titles Management System, a fit-for-purpose online platform for the management of exploration and mining licences.

Division of Resources and Geoscience Deputy Secretary Michael Wright said the new Titles Management System (TMS) is designed to be a one-stop shop for the end-to-end management of mining titles and will ensure greater visibility, transparency and accountability in the process.

The dynamic TMS dashboard function unveiled for phase one allows investors, explorers and industry stakeholders to track progress of lodged applications in real time, with a built-in audit mechanism that ensures transparency and accountability over decision-making.

The dashboard also allows secure payment of application fees by credit card, allows applications to be saved as a draft for later completion and automatically populates contact details, making the process more streamlined and user-friendly for industry.

From today, new applications for exploration, assessment and mining leases can all be lodged through TMS, except for applications for Group 9 (coal) and Group 9A (oil shale) minerals, and petroleum, which will be a part of subsequent releases.

“The NSW Government is committed to making NSW the number one state for new exploration and minerals investment across the nation, and the launch of phase one of the TMS is another important step towards realising this vision,” Mr Wright said.

“The TMS platform is designed to deliver convenient, online access to the services provided by the Division of Resources and Geoscience and, when fully deployed, users will be able to initiate, save, submit and pay for all applications required under the relevant mining Acts.”

“This evolution is a necessary and important part of our commitment to lifting the integrity of the mining titles system, and giving industry and the public greater confidence in our decision-making.”

Mr Wright said the staged roll-out of a more streamlined and user-friendly TMS will also benefit communities impacted by mining, with members of the public able to access the portal to locate applications under assessment or mining licences currently operating in their local area.

Additional functionality and services will be added to TMS over the next 12 months, including the ability to submit other types of applications required by the Mining Act 1992 and Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991, automated correspondence and a contemporary public register.

The TMS will ultimately replace the current Titles Administration System, which will be decommissioned once TMS is fully operational.

For more information, visit www.resourcesandgeoscience.nsw.gov.au/titles-management-system