What is coal seam gas?

Learn about the properties of coal seam gas and how it is extracted and used in NSW.

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The EPA and the NSW CSG industry

Barry Buffier, Chair and CEO of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) discusses the EPA's role as the lead regulator of the NSW coal seam gas industry. He talks about the EPA Hotline and penalties for industry if they fail to comply with their Environmental Protection Licences.

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Land access and farmers' rights

Jock Laurie, Inaugural Land and Water Commissioner for NSW speaks from his farm outside of Walcha on the Northern Tablelands. He talks about his role and the need for greater information for farmers about the CSG industry.

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Water and coal seam gas

The NSW Office of Water plays an important role in NSW CSG regulation. Jan Gill, Team Leader Groundwater Policy, NSW Office of Water, discusses the Aquifer Interference Policy and how it sets out water licensing and assessment criteria for the coal seam gas industry. Richard Green, Hydrogeologist, NSW Office of Water, talks about the network of water monitoring bores across the state and how the data collected is used to measure water levels, pressure and quality.

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