The map below shows the location and ownership of current petroleum titles in NSW (areas in which petroleum is currently being explored or produced).

The map below is current as at December 2016. You can also view a larger image (1 MB JPG) of the map.

NSW Petroleum Titles as at December 2015

Key terms used in the map

  • PEL (Petroleum Exploration Licence) – the right to explore for petroleum under the Petroleum (Onshore) Act 1991
  • PAL(Petroleum Assessment Lease) – allows retention of petroleum exploration rights over an area in which a petroleum deposit has been identified, however development is not viable in the short term
  • PPL (Petroleum Production Lease) – allows the right to produce petroleum in a certain area

For more definitions see our glossary.

Title status reports

Title Status Reports are published online to assist title holders, investors, potential explorers and the community in monitoring exploration and mining title/tenement activity in NSW. These reports are made available to the public in the Miners & Explorers section of this website.