NSW Gas Plan - protecting what's valuable, securing our futureThe NSW Gas Plan [PDF 2.84 MB PDF] represents a 'line in the sand' for improving the regulatory framework for the onshore gas industry in NSW while delivering gas safely for the benefit of NSW citizens and businesses.

The NSW Gas Plan:

  • ensures all existing and new gas projects in NSW are required to meet new environmental and other performance standards
  • ensures a better deal for our farmers, landholders and communities who host gas exploration and production in their local areas

Key features of the plan

Keeping water pureKeeping water pure

The NSW Gas Plan, with the Aquifer Interference Policy, will protect our surface and underground water by:

  • ensuring rigorous assessment of all planned gas producing activities and potential impacts on our valuable water resources
  • setting and enforcing stringent controls and regulations for coal seam gas producers including the need for a Water Access Licence from the NSW Office of Water
  • delivering a website – SEED - that brings together environmental data from NSW regulators and makes it easier for the community to access this information

Securing farming futuresSecuring farming futures

The NSW Gas Plan will better protect the rights of landowners by:

  • ensuring they share in the benefits from gas exploration and production on their land
  • the NSW Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal having recommended benchmarks to guide landholders in negotiating compensation agreements with industry
  • accepting all the recommendations of the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer's independent review on coal seam gas activities
  • expanding the NSW Office of Water's monitoring bore network and surface water quality monitoring network

Protecting future generations

Protecting future generationsThe NSW Gas Plan will secure safe and sustainable gas supplies for future generations by:

  • accepting all the recommendations made by the NSW Chief Scientist & Engineer's independent review on coal seam gas activities
  • establishing the independent Environment Protection Authority (EPA) as the lead regulator for compliance and enforcement of conditions of approval for gas activities.