• NSW Gas Plan

    The NSW Gas Plan is the Government's public statement of intent to deliver a high performing petroleum industry, with reasonable and consistent regulation that is rigorously enforced.

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  • Aquifer interference policy

    Aquifers are underground geological structures of rock, sand or gravel through which water passes slowly. This policy sets out the requirements for assessing the impacts of aquifer interference activities on water resources.

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  • Community consultation

    This exploration code of practice sets out mandatory requirements and related guidance for all prospecting title holders, regarding the expected performance for conducting community consultation.

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  • CSG well integrity

    A practical guide for titleholders on how to comply with a condition of title for CSG exploration, extraction or production, to ensure that well operations are carried out safely, without risk to health and without detriment to the environment.

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  • Coal seam gas fracture stimulation

    This code of practice establishes a best practice framework to ensure that fracture stimulation activities are conducted in a safe manner and that communities, the environment and water resources are protected.

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  • Strategic regional land use policy

    This policy aims to better manage the potential conflicts arising from mining and coal seam gas activity in proximity to our high quality agricultural land, in some parts of the state.

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