The purpose of this prospectus is to provide explorers and project developers with an overview of the geological potential, existing and planned infrastructure investment for regional NSW and the robust regulatory frameworks that make NSW a world-class minerals producer.

The online prospectus will be updated as new information on investment opportunities in the NSW minerals and energy resources sector becomes available.

The NSW Government recognises exploration as a high-risk investment with long lead times. As such, the government has committed to cooperative drilling programs, funding for the MinEx Cooperative Research Centre's National Drilling Initiative and providing pre-competitive data to improve the geological knowledge base of NSW. Other initiatives to improve efficiency in titles administration and develop best practice regulations for exploration can be found in the NSW Minerals Strategy.

NSW Minerals interactive tool

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MinView is a web mapping application that provides free access to view, search and download a comprehensive range of geoscientific data for NSW.

It also provides access to a range of supporting reference data, including current and historic exploration and mining titles, areas of exploration constraints and cadastral information.

There are over 500 map layers available and a host of information to explore.

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