12th July 2018

The Resources Regulator has cancelled two mineral claims at Lightning Ridge due to non-compliance issues and work health and safety breaches by the claim holder, Mr Sheref Sancar.

MC24202 and MC55398 were cancelled in June, following the claim holder’s failure to satisfactorily address the Regulator’s compliance concerns.

Resources Regulator Chief Compliance Officer Anthony Keon said the issues that led to the cancelation were uncovered during a compliance check in July 2017.

“We conducted an operation focused on environmental and safety issues at mineral claims in Lightning Ridge, these two claims failed multiple aspects,” Mr Keon said.

“The majority of shafts at both claims were found to be inadequately protected, one shaft at each claim had erosion around them causing a hazard.

“The inspection also identified insufficient safety equipment on machinery, non-compliant ladders and defective electrical equipment.

“A $750 penalty notice and an order to rehabilitate each claim was issued by the Regulator.

“Due to the claim holder failing to rectify the issues or meet requirements of the statutory directions, the Regulator has now escalated enforcement action by cancelling the claims.

“The claim holder is still required to remediate the sites.

“Further action, including the commencement of legal proceedings may be undertaken by the Regulator where rehabilitation obligations remain unfulfilled.”

The claim holder did not respond to multiple requests from the Regulator to respond to the claim cancellation proposal.